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The Final Product!

After a nearly two year renovation, the Van Dekker is complete.  The landscaping is growing, we have planted nearly 20 fruit trees of different varieties, have re-invigorated the vegetable garden (kitchen garden as RM Schindler had on the drawings).  There is now a pool and spa, native rock garden, grassy play area and a large motor court to park 6 cars or more.

Shadows, reflections, light in all it's forms and wonder.  .I now understand the brilliance of RM Schindler.  Living at the Van Dekker is a daily treat.  There are reflections on reflections, there are shadows upon shadows, colors change all the time and you certainly do not get bored.

The rear of the house is also eye catching with the green copper roof, yellow trim and stonework.  There is now a swimming pool and spa that, due to it's position, reflect shimmering water patterns onto the Living Room ceiling during the winter months.

Please note in the 2nd photograph the solar water heater on the roof....not visible from the front and only partially visible in the back yard....that took some working out!!!

The exterior colors are close to original.  The yellow is actually a color named Ripe Wheat, of course this house would have been surrounded by wheat fields at the time of it's construction.  The green copper roof is supposed to emulate the leaf of a Coast Live Oak Tree that dot the landscape.  The beige color which fluctuates between taupe, grey and beige is the color of the Topanga Shale rocks that stick out of the ground in various rock outcroppings on the property and in the area.