The interiors are spectacular....of course.  The Living Room with it's two story high geometric ceiling work is particularly breathtaking.  As with many RM Schindler's houses, the lights are built in, in the form of a linear lighting frame.  There are over 100 light bulbs in the house of which most are in the lighting frames.  

The interior colors, of which nearly all are original, change with the reflections and movement of the sun.  Green becomes blue and white becomes grey. The yellow is bright, then mustard, then a muted yellow grey.

Most people visit the Van Dekker during the day, and with it's abundance of light and spectacular ceilings, etc they become hypnotized by the light, reflections, and shadows.  However, the Van Dekker also has a separate and just as wonderful nightly performance.  With all that glass and lights, the reflections are further enhanced.  The exposed roof rafters actually reflect into glass onto glass and make an infinite of beams in the glass....truly amazing!

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